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Trip to Charles City County

Went out last Sunday to a new spot in Charles City County to look for some Civil War relics.  Recent research has shown that there were union and confederate camps on this spot so I was excited to get the coil over the ground.

I know this area has been hunted to death so it’s essential to search the areas that have a deterrent that would certainly drive other relic hunters away.  I’m talking about……IRON!!  Most detectorists run from iron but I seek it.  After searching for over an hour I hit a highly ferrous spot which immediately means activity.  Risking insanity from the constant grunting of iron targets, I slowly and methodically search in zero discrimination.  The first good tone was a flattened three ringer and immediately followed by a round ball.  After numerous brass and copper “whatzits”, I pull out a Star and Crescent cape pin.  I wouldn’t have known what it was if I hadn’t seen one just  a few months prior.  I was stoked!!


Quick hunt close to home yeilds a couple bullets and and eagle infantry button

Stopped by a field today to get permission but got denied.  Since I don’t give up too easy I was able to secure permission for a couple of adjacent houses.  Was only there for 30 minutes but was able to pull out a nice Eagle I button and some lead.

New Kent, VA