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1847 Large Cent – Copperhead movement

From Wikipedia – “The Copperheads were a vocal group of Democrats located in the Northern United States of the Union who opposed the American Civil War, wanting an immediate peace settlement with the Confederates. Republicans started calling anti-war Democrats “Copperheads,” likening them to the venomous snake. The Peace Democrats accepted the label, but for them the copper “head” was the likeness of Liberty, which they cut from copper pennies and proudly wore as badges.”

I found this 1847 Large Cent which someone has cut out the bust of Lady Liberty.  Perhaps it was removed to make a lapel pin to represent the Copperhead movement……in Virginia??  Go to the JustGoDetecting Forum to see great daily metal detecting finds or to share your own!


Mid 17th Century Spectacle Buckle

I spent two beautiful winter Saturdays relic hunting on 500 acres of farm land in King and Queen county.  The home owner was extremely receptive and friendly and asked that I show him what I found when I was done.  I ended up finding a lot of modern bullets, farm iron and aluminum cans….but that is to be expected.  The good finds were numerous mid 19th century buttons, musket and pistol balls, ornate brass and copper pieces and a mid 17th century spectacle buckle (half of one anyway)!

Getting Permission to Metal Detect on Private Property

After hours of research, you’ve finally found the perfect spot to relic hunt but aren’t sure how to get permission.  The key is to be direct and courteous and don’t try to be deceptive.  Use common sense when knocking on a door.  Don’t go too early or late and go to the door alone.  I usually knock and step away from the door.  When the home owner answers, I introduce myself and let them know that I am out looking for a great place to metal detect and I think their property would produce some really great relics.  If they say no, I thank them and move on.  If they say yes, I usually don’t ask any more questions unless I’m unsure about the property and would like more info.  When I’m done hunting, I usually just leave unless I want to ask to come back or the homeowner is outside and then I just thank them and move on.  The less of a burden you are the better.