A Stack of Spanish Coins

I received permission to metal detect at an undisclosed farm on the York River this past weekend. There was a late 1600’s home on site and is really evident by the very large presence of iron and brick in the ground by the river.

Since the corn stubble was really high and I didn’t bring my 5″ coil, I decided search around the perimeter of the house site especially on the old carriage road running along the river. My first target was a King George III Copper penny. Next, I got a really strong high tone and pulled out a stack of four silver 1782 Carolus III half real coins that were fused together. They were almost perfectly stacked on top of each other which is really hard to explain how they got that way. Perhaps they were in a pouch and after a couple of centuries, the pouch disintegrated and the coins fused together. Whatever the scenario, it’s pretty cool!! After that I found the usual colonial relics such as buttons and other copper pieces.

I plan on going back with my smaller coil to really get in between the corn stubble and iron signals and hopefully find more colonial silver!!


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