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18th Century Silver Cufflink and a Blowhole Button

I am trying to make it back to some of the fields before the farmers kick it into high gear.  This past Sunday I was able to eek out a few keepers like an 18th century silver cufflink and a blowhole button.


Back to the colonial trash pits

Got out again yesterday with Bill D. to dig and sift a few more holes in hopes to find some colonial wine bottle seals or maybe a whole onion or mallet bottle. Didn’t quite pan out that way but we did find more bottle bases, spouts, pottery and a few pipe stems. We also broke out the detectors for another spin around the fields and produced the usual colonial brass pieces, tacks and other mess. I did score a cut piece of silver.  It’s a Netherlands Silver 6 Stuivers 1683 -1691.

Colonial coin, relics and bottles!

I was graciously granted permission to metal detect at an old historic site in Central Virginia.  There was a large brick house here which was torn down in the late 1800’s and was 200+ feet long which included a center portion of the house and two wing structures. This large house spanned a high ridge […]