Colonial coin, relics and bottles!

I was graciously granted permission to metal detect at an old historic site in Central Virginia.  There was a large brick house here which was torn down in the late 1800’s and was 200+ feet long which included a center portion of the house and two wing structures. This large house spanned a high ridge overlooking a river and also sloped down at either side of the wings towards two creeks. The plantation belonged to a very prominent Virginian leading up to and during the Revolution so I had high hopes to come away with some great finds.  Since the house was enormous, the scope of the iron patch was very vast and I was able to pull some great keepers including a 1794 Half Cent which are very hard to come by.  I was also able to pull out quite a few buttons, buckles, furniture tacks and other colonial brass pieces.

The best part of this relic hunt came when I got a large deep iron tone which I luckily decided to dig.  It was a good 18 inches in the ground but when I reach a foot down I pulled out a wine bottle base.  This isn’t usually that exciting since glass comes out with almost every dug hole at colonial sites.  What makes this exciting is that the next piece to come out was a whole neck to a wine bottle then another base, then another neck then a pipe stem then another bottle neck………on and on it went.  I hit a colonial trash pit!!  These are certainly not rare but that fact that I was able to pull so much out of a tiny whole makes me believe that this trash pit is enormous and could potentially hold whole bottles and other colonial goodies.


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