Back to the colonial trash pits

Got out again yesterday with Bill D. to dig and sift a few more holes in hopes to find some colonial wine bottle seals or maybe a whole onion or mallet bottle. Didn’t quite pan out that way but we did find more bottle bases, spouts, pottery and a few pipe stems. We also broke out the detectors for another spin around the fields and produced the usual colonial brass pieces, tacks and other mess. I did score a cut piece of silver.  It’s a Netherlands Silver 6 Stuivers 1683 -1691.


5 responses to “Back to the colonial trash pits”

  1. Tony Beverage says :

    Just got a metal detector. Would like to know where one can go to find civil war and colonial items

    • colonialfiend says :

      I’m not sure where you live Tony but around here in central Virginia, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a colonial or Civil War site. Let me know where you live and I’ll post some research links for you.

  2. Hayden says :

    Is this a an area that others can hunt? I’m new to this and looking for sites to hunt. Thank you! -Hayden richmond,va

    • colonialfiend says :

      Hayden, all sites I detect are on private property and require written permission from the land owners.

      A good tip on getting permission is to print off all of the research you’ve done on a piece of property including any old maps and approach the owner in a respectable way. Let them know you are really interested in the history of their property and history in general and ask permission. Don’t dig in fields that are planted even in winter, that’ll piss the farmer off and you don’t want that because word travels fast. If you need some help with the research, just shoot me an email. Joey

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