I couldn’t pass up a beautiful day so I decided to hit an early site that has been pounded by others in the past but I figured there’d be a few more goodies left for me.
The site had a locked gate at the entrance so I had to hoof it almost 2 miles to the field and house site. The old road to the site is beautiful and there are numerous creek crossings with Indian pottery sherds laying in the creek beds.

The field is surrounded by two creeks and a river all of which were well traversed by British and Dutch merchant ships in the 1600s and 1700s. There is an old cemetery that sits behind the old house site that has numerous 17th century graves in it. The house was built around 1680 and was torn down in the early 1800s and the inhabitants relocated to higher ground nearby due to sickness caused by the low lying marshes that surround the property.

There was lots of Civil War activity in the area so this site has been pounded to death over the years so the finds were very slim.

I found a few colonial buttons and 1600s trapezoidal buckle. I also found a lead wool seal with the words “Worsted Reformed” on it which was wool from Norwich, England in the late 1600s. I also walked along the river and saw brick, oyster shell, pottery and onion bottle bases and spouts eroding from a part of the bank….potential trash pit! I’ll have to bring my probe that my good buddy Bill D gave me see how large the trash pit is.

misc colonial finds potential trash pit site pic 3 site pic site pic2 worsted reformed lead cloth seal


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