Early 1700s Cut Spanish Coin, 1600s Buckle, Early Leather Adornments And Other Stuff

Met up with Bill D yesterday to do some detecting and/or door knocking. Our chances of getting on to an early site was slim due to hunting season but we figured we’d try anyway. The first site was off limits but our next site turned out to be devoid of hunters so we got to work. We immediately hit a large iron patch and spread out to do some cherry pickin’. Our hopes were high but the place screamed early and we knew in the back of our heads the site had probably been picked over. I found a few early leather adornments and pistol balls then I struck Spanish silver. It was a half of a worn Philip V but sadly it didn’t come home with me. I probably lost it somewhere in the field . I also dug more adornments, pistol balls and a nice 1600s spectacle buckle. Bill found a nice copper but I’ll let him show that.

It was a beautiful location and we were kindly invited to come back since there is a lot more land that will hopefully hold more silver for us.

cut spanish silver coin 2 cut spanish silver coin group of colonial finds view of site


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