On the way back from looking at boat today I decided to check on the property where I found a stack of half reales fused together. The fields have not been planted yet but had been limed so I figured I give it a go since it won’t be long before the crop is in.

I didn’t have much luck early on….in fact I didn’t get one target for almost an hour! The very first was shallow and rang up 75 on the T2 so I figured it was a brass casing but it turned out to be a clipped pistareen. It was quiet again after that so I decided to just walk the old road beds and was able to find a few buttons and a whole bunch of aluminum.

These fields still had high corn stalks from last fall so hopefully they’re going to plant bean this year so I can get in there good next year.

Edit……I forgot to ask about the copper nail that I took a picture of. I can’t remember ever digging one. Does anyone know what they were used for?

bronze nail colonial buttons and buckles colonial buttons cut pistareen 2 cut pistareen


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