I couldn’t pass up this beautiful spring morning so I went to a spot in the woods that I pass everyday on the way home. I was able to secure permission a while back but have never made it out there so I figured I should go today before the brush and briars make it impossible. According to my research, there was a mill and two natural springs about a 1/4 mile from the road so I brought my mountain bike so I didn’t have to walk through tick town to get there. It’s a beautiful spot and I was able to find one of the springs bubbling from the side of a ravine.

There was very little trash except for shotgun brass so I made sure to dig every signal. I’m not used to digging in the woods and tree roots so I almost gave up but figured I’d keep at it and good thing I did because I was rewarded with a bunch of buttons and two coppers. One is a KG II and the other is smaller like a half cent but it is toast.

basket weave flat button flat button with thread flat buttons and copper coins KG II Copper Coin screw Toasted Farthing or Half Cent


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