More Colonial Trash Pit Digging and Detecting

Made it back out with Bill D. to a spot where we’ve been digging some colonial trash pits. Bill knew the tide would be low early in the morning so before we started digging he decided to walk out into the marsh towards the river in hopes of finding a whole onion bottle in the mud. Since I didn’t have any rubber boots, I detected close by in case Bill got caught in the mud and couldn’t get out. I was able to find a really neat eyepiece to a telescope, binoculars or a sexton.

eyepiece eyepiece-2

A few minutes later I see Bill walking out of the marsh holding an onion bottle base and a couple of spouts. The fact that he found these in a few minutes of looking has really piqued my interest and I may have something to do now during the hot summer months!!


After Bill quit playing Swamp Thing, we hit the pit location where we last left off a couple of weeks ago and decided to start digging test holes in hopes to find a productive pit. The first few weren’t overly productive but I was able to pull a pewter button out of one along with brick and a thousand oyster shells…..which are nearly impossible to dig through.

pit-oyster-shells pit-oyster-shells-2 trash-pit-oyster-shells trash-pit-oyster-shells-2

Since I wasn’t finding much in my test pits I decided to abandon Bill and head over to the other side of the property where we had originally dug some bottle bases, spouts and pottery. I was a little more successful over there and found about 10 spouts and bases along with some pottery.

onion-bottle-base-and-necks pewter-button

After a lunch break, we decided to stretch out and do some detecting in the field. The field has been pretty much cleaned out over the years but I was able to pull out some keepers including a sporting or livery button (I’m not sure which it is) that has an embossed bird on it.

colonial-field sporting-or-livery-button-2

Thanks for checking out my post!



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