I finally got for the first time since it started to get hot last Spring. I met a man last weekend at the hardware store who turned out to be the land manager for a few old properties in my county and he granted me permission to relic hunt on them. Since most of his properties are still in bean I decided to walk a 300 acre property that he is currently clearing. None of the old maps I have show any home sites on this property even the Civil War map I have shows this property as woods. On top of that, rather than using the slash and burn land clearing method, they are mulching the land so the ground is basically covered with mulch which makes it impossible to search for brick, glass or pottery which are indicators of house sites. My plan was to walk around the high spots and kick the mulch around looking for the indicators. I was doing this for a couple of hours when I noticed a cleared area without any mulch so I figured that would be my last spot I checked and I’m glad I did. I immediately found a pipe bowl on top of the ground then I found a pipe stem:

broken colonial pipe stems

Then I walked around picking up pottery and glass pieces

colonial pottery shards

I turned on the detector and my first find was a Spanish Cob:

spanish cob 2 spanish cob

Then I found a couple buckle frags, a flat button, a musket ball and a round leather adornment:

buckle fragments musket ball

There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to the site. It’s surrounded by a numerous high knolls and is not close to any water source (that I could see). There’s a reasonable amount of iron but the brick fragments are few and far between. I’m going to head back out there this afternoon and poke around a little more.

Thanks for looking!


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