Spanish Cob, Livery buttons, Colonial Nameplate, Half Cent

Most of my fields have been planted except for the one that Bill D and I have been a few times recently. Since most old plantations were self sustaining and had numerous house sites and ancillary buildings I decided to explore areas we haven’t hit in the past. To do this, I like to walk the perimeter of the fields in all-metal mode until I start to hit an iron patch, which would indicate a building site, then I grid it off making sure to hit it from two different directions. I also go really slowwwww. Doing this yesterday, I was able to eek out some goodies including a cob, three more livery buttons exactly like the one I found a few weeks ago and a really cool silver plated nameplate thingy with the name of the plantation owner. I would love to know what this was for so if anyone knows, please chime in.

April132013001 Colonial Group finds Half Cent Livery-Buttons-Corbin Mr Corbin Name Plate Back Mr Corbin Name Plate Spanish Cob Whatzit


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